CNC Services

What We Offer You

We continuously update our precision machining equipment capabilities and software in order to provide our customers with the technology to meet the demands of their projects.

We maintain our ISO 9001:2015 certification and provide your team with project management communications to ensure we meet your commitments.

Project Management

Purchasing your raw material to delivering your project.

Our team will manage the details of your project seamlessly and keep you informed from purchase of raw materials to delivery of your finished product. We utilize our experienced sales and manufacturing team to partner with your team on the project design to ensure quality is maintained while the needs of your project are met.


  • Skilled Inspection Department
  • Experienced Design/Repair Workforce
  • Customized Solutions Available
  • On-time Delivery Scheduling

Industries We Serve

  • Defense
  • Transportation
  • Recreational
  • Agriculture
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Components
  • Wind Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive
  • Law Enforcement
  • Equipment Attachment Components

Repair & Restore

Our team provides services that can assist you in the development of the repair process, the design and manufacture of the new tooling needed and the support required to accomplish your restoration project.

We specialize in the repair and restoration of Oil & Gas drilling tools and can engage the support of partners when needed to accomplish your project in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Examples of our work include the restoration of down hole drilling tools such as top subs, upper bearing housings, seal surfaces and damaged fins.